• What happens when someone breaks a contract?
  • What is a contract?
  • Who can make a contract?
  • Does a contract have to be in writing?
  • What makes a contract?
  • Does the contract cover everything?
  • What if you didn't read a clause?
  • When can you get out of a contract?

Going into Business

  • What is goodwill?
  • What are the most common business structures?
  • Negotiating a lease
  • How does a franchise work?
  • Will you need to pay any government fees?
  • Will you need to take out insurance?
  • What happens to staff entitlements when a business is bought or sold?

Problems with Debt

  • What should you do if someone owes you money?
  • What is a letter of demand?
  • What if you don't owe the debt or cannot pay?
  • How do legal proceedings start?
  • How does the hearing work?
  • What happens when someone doesn't pay a judgement debt?

Terminating Employment

  • Why do small businesses have different standards?
  • When can you terminate a worker's employment?
  • What about employees of less than 12 months?
  • Can a worker bring an unfair dismissal claim if they resigned?
  • What is a general protections (unlawful termination) claim?
  • When can you dismiss a worker without notice?
  • What happens if an employee brings an unfair dismissal or a general protections (unlawful termination) claim?
  • How can a solicitor help?

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