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O’Brien Connors & Kennett’s experienced and skilled family lawyers provide a strong personal and sensitive service and approach to:

  • assist with resolving family law disputes and conflicts on fair and equitable terms, as speedily as possible and within a reasonable time-frame; and
  • provide clients with professional advice, legal representation, guidance and support.

Our family lawyers can assist with divorce, separation and other often emotionally difficult family related issues and will endeavour to make sure that:

  • financial assets and property are divided fairly;
  • practical and safe care arrangements are put in place for the care and welfare of children.

Experienced Family Law Solicitors Assist with Divorce and Separation

To be able to obtain a divorce, you will need to establish to the satisfaction of the Federal Circuit Court of Australia that:

  • there is a valid marriage;
  • the Court has jurisdiction to hear the divorce application by reason of domicile, citizenship, residency or otherwise;
  • the relationship has broken down irretrievably;
  • if there children of the marriage, the Court gives consideration to whether the arrangements for the children are satisfactory.

To satisfy the Court that the marriage has broken down irretrievably, you will need to provide evidence that you and your spouse have been separated for at least 12 months immediately before the filing of your application.

Couples can be separated even though they remain living under the one roof but evidence that they live as separate households will need to given to the court by way of affidavits from you and, where possible, from third parties who can confirm the circumstances of the separation under the one roof.

Whilst preparing and filing a divorce application can be often be straightforward, complications and complexities can arise where the parties have children and where separation under one roof needs to be established.

Similarly, our family lawyers can assist you with parenting issues and financial complexities which often arise out of a separation and divorce.

Child Custody and Support

Our family lawyers:

  • have extensive experience in, and knowledge of, child support agreements and the law relating to custody and financial support of children; and
  • can provide you with guidance and practical advice;

to make sure that your children’s best interests are prioritised and that you are treated fairly throughout all negotiations, mediations and/or court proceedings.

De Facto Relationships

People separating, whether same sex, different sex, married or de facto, frequently find it difficult, and fail, to reach agreements on such matters as;

  • who the children should live with;
  • the time that the children should spend with the other “non-live with” parent;
  • the division of superannuation, motor vehicles, real estate, shares, etc.

Our experienced family law solicitors are results and resolution-focused and strive to help clients, wherever possible and at minimal cost, to reach amicable agreements which are recognised by the courts.

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