Being an Executor

  • Applying for probate
  • What is an executor?
  • Do executors get paid?
  • Can you get out of being an executor?
  • Your first step as executor
  • Fees for probate
  • Paying expenses and debts

Making a Will

  • The truth about homemade wills
  • What is a will?
  • Who makes sure your wishes are carried out?
  • Can you change your will?
  • What happens if you marry or divorce?
  • Who can you leave your assets to?
  • Where should you keep your will?


  • What is a trust?
  • Why set up a trust?
  • What does a trust need?
  • What kinds of trusts are there?
  • How long does a trust last?
  • What happens on the vesting date?
  • Does a trust pay tax?
  • How can a solicitor help?

Family Provision Claims

  • What is a family provision claim?
  • Who is eligible for a family provision claim?
  • What will the court consider?
  • How to make a claim ​

Defence of Family Provision Claims

  • How much provision the court might make
  • Time limit for making a claim
  • Duties of the Executor
  • Notice to other eligible persons
  • Executor's Affidavit
  • Court appearances
  • Brief to counsel
  • Subpoenas and Notices to Produce
  • Plaintiff's evidence in reply
  • Mediation
  • Offers of Compromise
  • The trial
  • Legal costs of the proceedings

Wills & Estates FAQs

  • Wills FAQs
  • Executors FAQs
  • Probate & Letters of Administration FAQs
  • Beneficiaries FAQs
  • Administration of Estate FAQs
  • Power of Attorney FAQs ​

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