Property Settlement

Reaching an agreement with your former spouse as to the division of assets, such as real estate and superannuation.


The resolution of the diverse issues relating to the parenting of children, including residence, time spent with each parent, education and many others.

Maintenance and Child Support

Attendance to establishing the maintenance obligations of the parties in relation to their minor children and respective spouse.

Binding Financial Agreements

Defending or challenging the validity of financial agreements. We do not act in the preparation of binding financial agreements.

International Matters

The enforcement of orders in foreign jurisdictions and international child abduction in breach of the Hague Convention.


Where a parent wishes to change their living arrangements in a way that will affect their relationship with a child and relocate to a different state or country.

De Facto Relationships

The determination of whether a de facto relationship does in fact exist and related claims for property division or maintenance.

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